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Amusement & Water Parks

There are several amusement & water parks which are most popular with families.



On Hon Tre island (bamboo island), a close offshore island, there are a large water park, an amusement park with kids' rides, an   underwater world center (a miniature ocean that houses over 300 species of pretty, rare and strange-looking fish), restaurants, shops, hotels, an amphitheater and a nightclub. The property is called Vinpearl resort and can be reached by a cable car stretching 3 km from Nha Trang to Hon Tre island (Vinpearl).

Phu Dong Water Park, right on the beach front, Tran Phu St., from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays. Highly popular with families; it has hydroslides, shallow pools and fountains.

The Phu Dong Amusement Park is adjacent to the Phu Dong Water Park and is no less fun at night time for families.

The big Ferris wheel at Phu Dong Amusement Park offers a phantastic sea and city view.

The children's palace, 62A Thai Nguyen St., is no less fun for families with younger children with a variety of kids' rides.

The Song Lo amusement park, next door to the Diamond Pearl resort, is a huge garden with entertainment facilities, a little zoo, a restaurant and a nice beach. Ideal for families.

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Balloon ride
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Bicycle tour in the country side
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Billiard / snooker
Pool is the Steve McQueen of sports: it's classic, timeless and utterly cool. And it's also pretty freaking manly. Pool invokes images of smoky bars and rough and tumble types with tattoos ...

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