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Restaurants: budget

Low-priced does not necessarily mean low quality. Good food is on offer in the following budget restaurants.

We do visit restaurants and bars ourselves regularly and are able to qualify them. Unlike other travel websites we do not list bars and restaurants that lack hygiene and/or good behaviour towards customers.

Omar's Indian Restaurant 96a/8 Tran Phu St, Tel 0084 (0) 583522459. Omar's Tandori Cafe 89b Nguyen Thien Thuat St, Tel 0084 (0) 582221615, Email A real piece of India right here in Nha Trang, this restaurant has a fantastic level of customer service, Omar and his staff will do everything possible to make sure you have a great experience. Quality food but at a budget price, main courses starting at $2.8 - $5.7. Very good value for money.

In the restaurant's words: "Welcome to Omar's Indian restaurant and bar, you'll have a chance to enjoy north Indian cuisine, all spices used for Indian dishes are imported from India, you can also enjoy Indian traditional music in a quiet environment, all food to your specifications (mild, medium, or spicy). Our main course starts from 59,000 vnd - 120vnd (we have Omar's special set thali 120vnd for the veg, non veg, sea food thai sequencly $9,$12,$12, for any questions ask our friendly staff. IF YOU DON'T ENJOY YOUR MEAL DON'T PAY THE BILL! DONT MISS THIS GREAT CHANCE. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you try us once, you will try us many more times!"

Lanterns Vietnam Restaurant 34 Nguyen Thien Thuat St Nha Trang. Tel, 058 2471 674. Email, Website, nice but not overly forced insight to the world of Vietnamese cuisine. A gem of a restaurant in terms of quality and prices, the Laterns offers many out reach programs in the community, if you speak to the owners they will tell you that the local community always comes first to them, a truely remarkable restaurant. Prices are extremely reasonable, $3.5-$10.

In the restaurant's words: "Vietnamese Restaurant serving fresh food using quality local ingredients, prepared daily. We work with numerous orphanages throughout Nha Trang, supplying basic daily supplies, food and we have a school scholarship program. We also conduct cooking classes four days per week, which includes guided visits to the local produce market!"

Nha Hang Yen's Restaurant 3/2A Tran Quang Khai St Currently the number one restaurant on trip advisor but not in our opinion. The restaurant has a good atmosphere and the staff speak good english. Yen's restaurant serves Vietnamese cuisine and has some very delicious spring rolls. $4-$10.

The Shack Bai Dai Beach (23 Kilometers south of Nha Trang). A long way away from the centre a beautifull drive along the coast leads you to some of Nha Trang's hidden treasures, The Shack is one of them. Located on what could almost be considered a private beach The Shack's Mexican owner serves up some of the most popular burgers in town, there is also a selection of Mexican food. $3-$10

Lac Canh Restaurant 44D Nguyen Binh Khiem (Cai River area). If you are looking for genuine local food and you are a fan of bbq then this is a great place to visit. The restaurant is not the fanciest restaurant in the world but it does have an excellent bbq done at your table, the restaurant is always full of locals, so it is a great experience for a tourist looking to get to see a real Vietnamese restaurant.$3-$10.

Same Same But Different Cafe 111D Nguyen Thien Thuat. A Vietnamese run restaurant located in the heart of the tourist area. Same same but different serves Vietnamese, Italian and Thai cuisine. The owner of the restaurant is a very nice and down to earth woman. The restaurant has some very good food but the service can be slow as the restaurant is under staffed and can become very busy during peak hours. Very good value for money in terms of food. $3-$10

City Pizza Little Italy 10/4 Nguyen Thien Thuat. A Vietnamese run Italian restaurant located down an alley five minutes out of the tourist area. The prices of this restaurant are comparatively lower than other Italian restaurants, if you are looking for good Italian food on a budget it is a good place to visit.$3-$10

Chopsticks 1G Hung Vuong Street. An excellently priced Vietnamese restaurant, a real bargain interms of price and has very good customer service. The restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine at a good price in a clean environment.$4-$8

Meze 35/12 Nguyen Thien Thuat. An incresingly popular Turkish run restaurant, serving up a nice range of hot pots and mediterranean food at a good onhest price.$4-$8

Jim's Hot Dogs 117 Nguyen Thien Thuat. A street vendor with a decorative hot dog stand, a great snack to grab on the run or even make a meal out of it, fantastic hot dogs at a great price. One can eat a delicious German bratwurst sausage for less than 2 dollars. 11am -11pm $2-$5

Kirin Biet thu street. A nice little sea food restaurant close to the beach. Famous for its seafood and seafood bbq but also for its extremely reasonable prices especially when you consider how close it is to the beach.a must try is the seafood salad served in a giant clam. $4-$12

Yen's Restaurant, 3/2A Tran Quang Khai | (next to the Ha Van Hotel). Delicious Vietnamese cuisine with a Western blend, very good prices and an incredible pomello and tiger prawn salad. For desert you can try delicious tart and ice cream. Friendly service and a good choice for a night out.

...and don't forget to try and enjoy the fresh sea food while in Nha Trang. The sea food in Nha Trang is famous in Vietnam. All kinds of cuttle fish, shell fish, fresh fish etc. can be found and it is very delicious.



Do you care for some real Vietnamese food and want to get away from the tourist scene? Nha Trang has plenty of places to enjoy delicious Vietnamese specialities the further you get from the beach. They usually do not have an English-language menu but you can always pick and point and try your luck. As they are cheap we are introducing them here under budget restaurants.
There's a string of street-side 'Lau Bo-Lau De' places along Nguyen Thi Minh Khai between Me Linh and Nguyen Huu Huan Streets. 'Lau,' means 'hotpot,' a Vietnamese variation on sukiyaki -- Bo (as is 'baud,' without the 'd') is beef and De (as in 'yet' without the 't') is goat. 100 goats from a green area far outside Nha Trang (close to the airport) are slaughtered every day to meet the demand as its meat is hugely popular in Nha Trang. It's a great meal for groups from 3 people -- usually served with dried noodles, vegetables, mushrooms and eggs you can add to the broth once you're done with the meat. At Thanh Da street restaurant, 66 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., you walk up the small stairs to the upper floor from where you can look down and watch the street scenery while eating. This restaurant is open until 10 pm daily.

If you can't decide which place to chose, follow the crowds to Quan 6 Phong. To get a better taste of a truly local dining scene, head to Quan Cay Man (Plum Tree Restaurant) on Nguyen Cong Tru. The main restaurant has a plum tree growing on the roof, but most of the seating is on either side of the street nearby. The Lau Bo here is cheap and tasty. It's only open from 14:00 to 20:00 daily, so plan accordingly.

If you're up to your ears eating pho for breakfast and lunch, a good alternative is mi quang nam -- fat noodles in a bit of savoury broth with meat or veggies in it, served with a slice of rice cracker and fresh greens. We found some absolutely delicious dishes at Quan 127 -- just a normal little noodle joint where they happen to do things a good bit better. If you're wrestling with the menu, hen is mussels, xao means fried, mi quang thap cam is a medley of meats and fish, and tom thit is shrimp. Meals are served with a glass of warm ginger tea, compliments of the house.
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