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Emergency & Hospitals

The Khanh Hoa General Hospital, treats both Vietnamese and foreign patients, and has 21 departments including an emergency department. The hospital has medical doctors speaking English and French. It is located at 19 Yersin Street Nha Trang, Tel (058) 822-168. The hospital has an ambulance service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The ambulance can be called on emergency phone no. 115. If necessary the hospital also organizes air lifts to the International SOS Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Military Hospital at Tue Tinh Street is also offering medical consultation to foreign patients. It has, as can be expected from a military hospital, outstanding orthopedic skills.

VK Hospital is clean, sterile with friendly and helpful nursing staff and doctors and comes close to the standard of a good Western hospital, but is much cheaper. There is also some English speaking staff there. Medical consultation and surgery also for foreigners. Address: VK Hospital, 34/4 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Tel. 058 3528866

If you are not sure whether your insurance covers theft, loss and medical problems (including emergency evacuation), a travel insurance that covers you for such cases is recommended and gives you peace ...

Medical services
Pasteur Institute, 10D Tran Phu Street Medical consultations, laboratory analysis and vaccinations Both the Khanh Hoa Province Hospital and the Military Hospital offer medical consultations ...

Pharmacies with a well-assorted range of pharmaceuticals (and no fake medicine) will be listed here. The city's largest pharmacy (see picture) can be found here: 68A Quang Trung Street. It ...

Traditional medicine
There are also medical practitioners using traditional medicine and herbal medicine in Nha Trang. We will introduce you to traditional medical doctors and pharmacists shortly.

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