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Finest German sausages - made in Vietnam! - to delighten tourists and local residents

Exclusive interview with Dr. Mai Huy Tan, Chairman and General Director of Duc Viet Joint stock company, Hanoi

Q: Mr. Tan, how did the idea of making German-style sausages in Vietnam occur to you?

A: I lived and studied in Germany, became fluent in German and familiar with German culture including eating and drinking habits. Of course, I tasted German beer there and the sausages that are famous all over the world. I got fond of the sausages and when I saw that my Vietnamese fellow students and workers liked the sausages, too, I thought why not make these sausages in Vietnam for just everybody.

Q: Decades later, you made this “dream” come true by setting up a large, modern sausage factory in Vietnam. Tell us more about it.

A: We wanted to produce authentic German sausages – with German hygiene standards, German quality, German recipes and German ingredients which we import. Our technicians and workers were trained by German experts. There is no difference between our factory and a modern meat factory in Germany. So when you eat a sausage made by us it tastes the same, it has the same quality and it is as clean as in Germany. Of course, we have been able to extend our range to other products, not only of German origin.

Indeed, we now have a very wide range of products from the classical “Bratwurst” to spicy sausages or smoked meat products. They are being sold in more than a thousand shops in larger cities all over Vietnam, in addition to numerous restaurants and hotels. As we succeeded in meeting the taste of Vietnamese and foreign customers our company is growing fast and we now move into smaller cities to organize the distribution and plan to export our products as well.

Q: Obviously, your sausages are a “must” for Nha Trang, a highly popular tourism resort in Vietnam

A:  In fact, many Vietnamese who are regular consumers of our sausages, spend holidays in Nha Trang. They do not want to miss their favourate food. Foreign tourists who are familiar with German sausages will also appreciate it when they can enjoy our products during their holidays. Seen in this way, our fine sausages will be a modest contribution to make Nha Trang even more attractive for visitors than it already was.

Duc Viet factory building

Chairman and CEO Dr. Mai Huy Tan with visitors on a factory tour

Truong Tan Sang, President of Vietnam from 2011 (then standing member of Vietnam’s highest authority, the political bureau of the  Communist Party of Vietnam), visiting Duc Viet’s factory

Mai Huy Tan together with visiting German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder at Duc Viet’s factory

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