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Internet & Skype

Internet access can be found in many hotels and through cheap internet cafes. The internet use of 1 hour usually costs less than 1US$. There are not that many internet cafes around now as most hotels typically have about 3 internet computers available for free use for their guests. Most hotels and many restaurants and bars also provide free wifi. In a number of internet cafes, you can buy pre-paid international phone cards to dial from a computer to a landline or mobile phone worldwide. Most Internet cafes are equipped with web cams, headsets and microphones.

The post office at 46 Nguyen Thien That St. has several PCs for internet and skype at reasonable prices.

We will publish a list of internet cafes shortly.

Jobs (offering and seeking)
NEW! Businesses can post job offerings free of charge. Job seekers can post a short CV free of charge.  

Km table
We will publish here a map giving km distances from Nha Trang to major places in Vietnam with additional explanations for your travel planning.

Vietnamese is the main language spoken in Nha Trang although some older citizens may speak French that they learnt during the period of French colonisation in the previous century. Good English is ...

Most hotels and guesthouses offer laundry services, budget hotels at the price of a few dollars only. To avoid being overcharged, check the price beforehand. There are also a few shops doing laundry, ...

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