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Always dress properly when out and about and especially when visiting religious sites and remember to remove shoes before entering temples or homes. Never lose your temper in public, it won’t get you what you want and is seen as a loss of control (and face) by those around you.

When you are invited to a Vietnamese home, bring your host a small gift of some description; flowers, fruit or candy are appropriate while something from your home country will be especially appreciated. Do not begin your meal until everybody is seated and the eldest guest has begun his or her own meal. When talking or taking a break between mouthfuls of food, it’s polite to place your chopsticks down on the rest. Use the end of the chopsticks that you hold in your hand to pass food to others, never the end that goes in your mouth. Keep the bowl of rice close to your mouth when eating and remember that it’s polite to eat everything that’s on your plate, don’t take more food than you are able to eat.

Lady Po Nagar who originated from Khanh Hoa province was the founder of the powerful Cham kingdom according to Cham tradition claims. She was the daughter of a peasant family in the mountains of Dai ...

The Vietnamese New Year (called “Tet”) is celebrated end of January or beginning of February. It’s the biggest festival in the calendar and many Vietnamese are then on the move and ...

International schools
Nha Trang is fast catching up with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City where international schools have been mushrooming over the last 15 years and has now also schools with international standards, namely ...

Internet & skype
Internet access can be found in many hotels and through cheap internet cafes. The internet use of 1 hour usually costs less than 1US$. There are not that many internet cafes around now as most hotels ...

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