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Dangers & Annoyances


Stay safe and cool!

Crime rate is still low in Nha Trang, but on the rise. Though not rampant, there is pickpocketing and, for example, jewellery disappearing during an embrace. During massage it can happen that somebody sneaks into the room and removes the wallet from the clothes. To avoid any trouble don’t carry too much money and valuables with you, leave it with the reception or in the safety box of the hotel room or the condo.

Travel in groups when you are out roaming the streets at night. We strongly recommend to take a taxi from 11 pm. People coming home from the clubs and bars late at night should in any case order a taxi to avoid unpleasant surprises. Be wary when leaving bars and nightclubs - male tourists receiving a lot of attention from young Vietnamese women have later discovered that their valuables have been taken from their pockets.

Unobservant tourists are sometimes heavily overcharged and feel utterly annoyed and frustrated when they find out. Therefore, check and compare prices before buying a product or a service, in particular make sure the taxi driver uses the meter and fix the price of a tour before you start it.


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Stay away from drugs. If caught with drugs one is punished with a large fine and/or a longer prison sentence.

Dry cleaning
The best dry cleaning service in Nha Trang resident expats have dealt with for years with no complaints is Thoi laundry on 1B Ton Dan Street. Tel. 058 526868, mob. 0913 483141. Dry cleaning of a suit ...

The voltage is 220V, 50 cycles. Electrical sockets are usually two-pin.

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