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Beggar fatigue

Like in any other developing country (and often in developed countries, too) you may come across beggars for whom begging is a way of survival and sometimes a business for themselves or for those standing behind them. If you don’t want to give anything just walk away from them if you can or tell them firmly (while staying friendly) you have nothing to give. If you are prepared to give them something, don’t give money, as it will encourage more people to become beggars instead of trying to find work, but buy them a meal or food instead.

Bloggers, trip advisors, story tellers etc.
The big travel guides like Lonely Planet or Travel Fish send their "inspectors" from outside once or twice a year at best to Nha Trang to update their information and travel advice. In this ...

Boat races
International boat races starting in Hong Kong include stopovers for the racing teams in Nha Trang. We will keep you posted under “News” on international and locally organized boat races. ...

Book shops
Foreign language books (mainly second-hand) can be found here: Cam Ranh Airport and at Shorty’s Café Bar (see “Drink”) Phuong Nam Book Shop, 62A Thai Nguyen St. is ...

Business & investment
"With all its favorable natural conditions, an abundant working force, and available material bases, Khánh Hòa has been creating new opportunities and working out new and open policies ...

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