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This website is meant to provide comprehensive and unbiased information and practical assistance for travelers visiting Nha Trang and its surroundings. It was launched by Felix from Top Team Vietnam and supported by a group of other investors and businesses interested in promoting quality tourism as well as by the site’s advertising partners.

The contents of this website is made in an independent and professional manner and are not influenced by sponsors and advertising partners. Things change every day and we will try to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


Your feedback is most welcome! We will gladly forward your positive comments about service providers (hotels, restaurants & bars, tour operators, taxi companies etc.) to motivate them to continue the good work. Comments that express dissatisfaction will also be passed on to the service providers in question to help them improve their services - and if they don't we will not list them on this website any longer. This is a small but highly valuable contribution on your part to increase the quality of the services and to make Nha Trang an even more attractive destination for you and and the many other visitors.

Note: This website has not been updated for about a year but we intend to do that regularly again from spring 2014.


Advertising on this site
If you want to advertise your hotel, your tours or any other service or product for visitors to and dwellers in Nha Trang, Vietnam, offers a unique communication and advertising ...

It is quite common to bargain in Asia. To keep one’s face which is important in this part of the world, it should be good-natured and one should never lose temper or start arguing. Once the price ...

Beggar fatigue
Like in any other developing country (and often in developed countries, too) you may come across beggars for whom begging is a way of survival and sometimes a business for themselves or for those standing ...

Bloggers, trip advisors, story tellers etc.
The big travel guides like Lonely Planet or Travel Fish send their "inspectors" from outside once or twice a year at best to Nha Trang to update their information and travel advice. In this ...

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