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SIGHTS (& sightseeing)

National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam

01 Cau Da (on the left of the commercial port entrance), 058-590-037. Admission VND15,000. Open 7AM-4PM. This is like an aquarium with popular and rare species of the sea. A perfect place to bring kids as they will get to see sharks, turtles, coral reefs, lionfish, sea horses, and many other creatures.

Alexandre Yersin Museum

10 Tran Phu St., 058-822-355. Admission US$2. Mon-Sat 8-11AM and 2-4:30PM. This is a scientific museum of a Swiss-born, Dr. Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943), who arrived in Vietnam in 1891 to study infected animals. He then later on produced a serum from horses and buffaloes. In this museum, you will be able to view all of his work as well as his equipment. Yersin never went back to Switzerland as he spent the rest of his life in Nha Trang. Don’t try to take pictures. Do respect the rules since they're quite serious here.

Long Son Pagoda

Thai Nguyen St. Free admission. Open 8AM-5PM. At this pagoda (picture), you will see a 79 ft. tall white Buddha. The pagoda was established in 1963 to honour the monks and nuns who died demonstrating against the Diem government.

Po Nagar Cham Towers

2 Thang 4 St. Admission US$0.8. Open daily 7:30AM-5PM. These towers (picture) were built by the Cham civilization between the 7th and 12th century to honor Yang Ino Po Ngar, founder and mother of the kingdom. The local Buddhists of Nha Trang occupied this place for prayers and worshipping, and there are many incense lighted giving the place an interesting aroma. The Po Ngar Kalan is a very glorified structure with amazing architectures filled with stunning colors. It is a 20-25 minute walk from the main beach strip, however be prepared to wander through the 'real' Nha Trang, quite a drastic change from the showy built up beach side resort.

Find out more about the powerful Cham kingdom under "History" here

Fishing village

It is located between the old and the new bridge. The fishing village is located between the old and the new bridge. When the fishing boats are coming in or going out it is a beautiful sight. Well worth seeing!  

Bao Dai Villa

Located near the National Oceanographic Museum. The Bao Dai Villas sit on top of a small hill. You have a beautiful view of the Nha Trang bay from there. The wind is cool and it is a nice place to relax at when it is too hot in the city.  

Vinpearl land, (Take the cable car over the sea...),. From the harbour you can take the cable car over to the island where Vinpearl resort and Vinpearl land is located. They have a small tivoli and some restaurants, attractions here include Underwater World (aquarium), Water Park complete with many exciting water slides and wave pool, Amusement Park with roller coaster, pirate ship, bumper cars, 4D cinema and many modern arcade machines and musical fountain and laser show at night time, usually 7pm. All included in the one price. 320,000 dong.  

Doc Let beach

Located around 40 km north of Nha Trang. Doc Let beach is more tranquil, cleaner and beautiful than the beach in Nha Trang. It is well worth taking a tour there. Local fishermen families sell and prepare seafood which they will cook for you on the beach for a very reasonable price.  
Cam Ranh beach, (On the road from Nha Trang to Cam Ranh airport). The road to the Cam Ranh airport is a very scenic road and worth going just to enjoy the scenery. As you have passed over the mountains there is a very long and nice beach (around 15 - 20 km from Nha Trang city center) which is clean and beautiful. You can buy seafood from small restaurants at the beach.  

Thanh Dien Khanh Fortress

The Dien Khanh Citadel is situated on Dien Khanh Townlet, Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa Province. The Citadel was built by the French officer Olivier de Puymanel for Nguyễn Ánh in 1793 with an area of 36,000 square meters according to the Vauban military architecture which was popular in Western Europe in 17th - 18th centuries.
The citadel's wall was in an inequilateral hexagon of 3.5m height. The outer face was vertically constructed while the inner was a little bit sloping by two terraces forming a favorable pavement. Inside the corners, there were large fields which were convenient for military resident. On the top of corners there stood fortresses of 2m high with canons above. On the roof of the citadel, there planted closet bamboo and other barricade trees. Surrounding the citadel were moats of 4 to 5 meters deep, 10 meters wide, flooded by water.
At first the citadel had 6 gates but nowadays it remains only 4 ones which are East Gate, West Gate, Front Gate (to the South), Back Gate (to the North). There had been here royal palace, private residents of feudal mandarins, warehouses and jails...
Dien Khanh is one of the oldest citadels in the south of Vietnam and it is one of the precious vestiges for studying ancient citadels.

Ba Ho (“threes lakes”) waterfalls

These waterfall are located in a forest or jungle at Luong Son sub-district, 30km from Nha Trang. Enjoy Ba Ho (“three lakes”) Waterfall where you can climb up the big rocks and swim in the cool, clean water.  The restaurant The Quan Gio is nearby.

Ba Ho

Fairy Spring (“Suoi Tien”) waterfalls

To reach Suoi Tien from Nha Trang, take the turn off for Suoi Dau off Highway 1. For those who would like to get a closer look at local life, taking a stroll through Dien Khanh citadel to Dien Hoa Town would be a good option.

Suoi Tien is worth the visit just to see the giant waterfalls formed by a stone shield cut by the river weaving its way down Mount Hon Ba to the village of Dien Khanh. The waterfall isn't as big as the famous Ban Gioc in Cao Bang Province, but its charm is amplified by the tranquil and lush environment.

Visitors will find shady stone paths up to the water falls on the banks of the river. Unlike the waterfalls in the north that flow and froth only in summer, Suoi Tien offers the same landscape year round. Endless flows of water have created small lakes that serve as natural swimming pools that visitors may wish to plunge into after a day of trekking. Layers of colourful stones of all shapes and sizes, reflected from the transparent river, form vivid pictures of this mountain city.

Suoi Tien literally means stream of fairies in Vietnamese. Legend has it that a giant from Binh Dinh Province visited Suoi Tien thousands of years ago. Enchanted by its charm, the giant accidentally slid into the stream. One of his feet landed on a boulder on the bank of the river, flattening it to create a smooth surface in the middle of the stream. The flat stone served as a place for fairies from heaven to play after coming down to earth for a swim.

The flat stone is now an ideal resting point for visitors who want to conquer the upstream flow of the river.

Suoi Tien

Thap Ba Hot Springs and Mud baths

On the north side of Nha Trang. 50,000 dong for hot and cool swimming pools and thermal waterfall only. Pay extra for the mud! They serve food and drinks here also. Update Feb 2011, 50,000 dong for the hot swimming pool and waterfall, 100,000 dong for shared mud bath (if you are 5-8 people you will probably get put in the same tub), shower, hot/cold water jets, hot jacuzzi, and the hot waterfalls and swimming pool. There was also a package for 500,000 which included a massage among other extras.  

Bicycle tour in the countryside

1/12 Tran Quang Khai St,, ☎ 058.3521541. Biking tour in the countryside along Cai River, visit Traditional Villages (making stoves, mats) and Antique House, pass through the immense rice field. Enjoy the fresh fruit on the way. USD33. 

Chong rocks ("Hon chong")

Chong has two meanings in the Vietnamese language. The first is to stack. The second is husband. Hon Chong is located on a stretch of rocky mass of land famous for the thousands of smooth rocks stacking on one another. There are two clusters of such rocks in the area called Hon Chong. The first is further out in the ocean and the second is located near an islet called Sat Thon. The cluster in the ocean is most impressive since there are large boulders stacking on one another seemingly out-of-balance, yet remaining stable. 

There is a boulder as large as a small hill supporting another boulder as large as a small house at its peak. On the side facing the shore, there is an imprint of a large hand with five fingers clearly outlined. The locals call this rock Hon Chong or the Husband.

Underwater world is an amazing miniature ocean that houses over 300 species of pretty, rare and strange-looking fish and underwater creatures. More here

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