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False claims on travel sites

Fake Reviews On Travel Forums -             How Reliable Is The Information On Travel Sites And Travel Forums?
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Nha Trang Travel Guide Up Close And Personal With Wayne From Texas Bbq Steak House Famous For Some Of The Best Ribs In Town

So Wayne what made your restaurant so popular with foreign visitors to Nha Trang?

Well, we have some incredible ribs. We smoke them for five hours every day, we also have all our meat imported from the States and we also have a clear goal of what we are doing here at Texas Bbq steak house, which is to make the customers happy and show off some of the fantastic grub America has to offer.

Here at Nha Trang Travel Guide we speak to a lot of restaurant owners, and they tell us about fake and bad reviews written on trip advisor and some other forums. What do you think about this?

I am well aware of things like that going on and it’s sad to be honest. The information on a lot of these sites is often out of date or not true, you also have to be careful when reading people reviews, as I have seen myself that competitors of restaurants have been putting out wrong information. That is why Nha Trang Travel Guide is so good, they are here, they check the restaurants on a regular basis and even the claims made online. It’s definitely refreshing to see a local travel guide doing a good job.

Does it bother you that these fake reviews could be written about your restaurant?

No, not really, I do a lot to make sure my customers leave here happy and my food speaks for itself more than any fake review ever could! 

* * * * *

The Texas Bbq Steak House can be found on the Restaurants' page here

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