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Champa Restaurant (on Champa Island), 304 - 2/4 Street, Vinh Phuoc Ward, Nha Trang. Great Vietnamese food in one of the most beautiful settings in the heart of Nha Trang. The menu also includes shark fin, bird’s nest, Champa Lobster Salad, Sashimi of Alaska tuna, Crab with Singapore chili sauce, Spanish Paella Marinera, French Foie Gras, Italian Tiramisu….

Den Long Do (Red Lantern) Restaurant, 135 - 137 - 137A Hoan Van Thu Street, open every day from 6 a.m. to 22 p.m. Probably Nha Trang's largest restaurant, amazingly clean, surprisingly good service, great cuisine with more than 80 tasty Vietnamese dishes plus Cambodian and Chinese food (e.g. fresh egg noodle and wonton soup). Price range 80,000 - 200,000 VND

East Rock Cafe, 86 Nguyen Thien Thuat St., One of the only bars in town with a non smoking section inside, the bar also is air conditioned which is a very nice feature. The bar consists of two floors and has gained a reputation in town for their good food with large portions at a very reasonable price. 80.000 - 200.000 VND.

El Coyote Tex Mex Tue Tinh Street.(Near by Starlett Hotel). Currently (26/3/2012) number 102/116 restaurants in Nha Trang on trip advisor.  El Coyote Tex Mex is the only official Mexican restaurant in town. Trip advisor's rating reflects the complaints and bad reviews for its level of service and quality of food. If you are hungry for some Tex Mex an alternative option is Texas BBQ And Steak House, there they also have a Tex Mex menu. $5-$12

Le Petit Bistro 26D Tran Quang Khai St. A nice little French restaurant, a good selection of food, wines and cheeses. The food is fairly over priced and the service is left wanting but the food is very good. Le petit bistro is an authentic French restaurant famous for its fillet, take away cheeses and a great wine selection. The largest wine selection in town for anyone looking to purchase some wine is Patrick Wine Bar, which holds over 400 types of wines. $10-$30

Le Bouchon 1P Hung Vuong Street. A very cozy French restaurant with two very kind owners from Lyon in France. This restaurant has a great little family feel to it and some excellent specialities from Lyon. They have a delicious fillet with blue cheese sauce for 150,000 VND, great value for money. They also have a nice selection of desserts which is something that other restaurants do not focus on as much. Le bouchon has some strong competition from Patrick wine bar and Le petit bistro but has a very good reputation in Nha Trang, a very good choice for a night out. $7-$15

Planet Fast Food 1/39 Tran Quang Khai Street. A foreign run fast food joint in the centre of the tourist area. Planet fast food is famous for its fast food and its late night opening times. Very popular for tourists looking to get their burger or fast food fix, however Planet fast food does not serve fast food as Westerners know it, they prepare everything fresh in house, meaning that the freshest ingredients are used to make things like chicken nuggets, burgers etc. They also deliver and give a free bottle of soft drink on orders above 350,000 VND, a great place to go to get a midnight snack. $4-$10.

Treffpunkt German Bar And Restaurant 6A Tran Quang Khai Street. A piece of Germany here in Nha Trang. Reasonable prices and famous for its German sausages. A very small restaurant, it only has four tables. $4-$10

Louisiane Brewhouse 29D Tran Phu. A restaurant and bar right on the beach, similar to an English pub, with some incredible home brewed beers and some nice food too. Louisiane brewhouse is more a popular spot to grab a beer and sit on the beach instead of a fine dining experience, but the beers and service are fantastic. $6-$15

The Grill House 1/18 Tran Quang Khai Street. A good place to go when you want a steak, prices are quite expensive but it is normal in Nha Trang because most places import their steak from Australia or New Zealand. The steak itself is good, this America meets Italy steak house is worth a try. $10-$30

La Bella Napoli 6/0 Hung Vuong Street. La Bella Napoli is a small restaurant run by Italian owner Marinella who is very friendly and welcoming, the pizza is not the best in town but they are the only Italian restaurant in Nha Trang with a wooden oven. It is very easy to get a table, a great choice and a favourite there is the Gnocchi. $5-$15.

La Taverna 110 Nguyen Thien Thuat. A restaurant with a range of international dishes available. The restaurant is a little dark and the staff do not speak very good English but you can have a good time there though and enjoy a nice Italian meal. With a wide range of Italian cusine on offer. $6-$15.

Da Fernando 96 Nguyen Thien Thuat. Da Fernando is a popular Italian restaurant on the main tourist street. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a traditional Italian menu, serving a very nice fried calamari. The sign outside stating that Da Fernando has the best pizza in Nha Trang, in our opinion is not correct, for example Good Morning Vietnam has better pizza. $7-$15

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