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Diving & snorkeling

There are a number of islands close to Nha Trang ideal for diving and snorkeling. Diving and snorkeling can be arranged from 1 day to a longer period. More than 20 dive shops compete for customers driving prices down. Nha Trang also offers the best value in the world for certification training. Diving courses are given during the whole year. During the windy season from October - December diving is limited to fewer places.

Close off-shore from Nha Trang sit a series of islands that offer decent diving and snorkeling, easily accessible by day trip. For certification training, Nha Trang offers perhaps the best value in the world, with PADI open water courses available with full equipment rental for as little as US$250. A two-dive boat trip with equipment rental and modest lunch can be had for as little as US$45, also a phenomenal value.

Coastal and undersea construction has stirred up a lot of sediment in the area, so under-water visibility is sometimes limited. The area is heavily fished, so fish life is also limited. You wouldn't cross the world just to dive at Nha Trang. But if you always dreamed of getting a scuba certification, Nha Trang is a great place to do it, and any diver passing through would enjoy a couple of dips. The shops generally offer good-quality equipment and experienced, certified dive-masters.

Organization of the Nha Trang dive industry is sometimes complex. If you sign up for a trip with shop A, you might find yourself joined with a group and dive-master from shop B, which shares a boat with another group and dive-master from shop C, the boat itself being independently owned. Consolidation is especially active in the off-season, when few if any shops can fill a boat on their own. It's a good illustration of Vietnamese culture, which does not stand on ceremony, and loves a bargain, and is very skilled at making maximum use of resources. The local dive-masters are mostly great, friendly guys with lots of stories to tell.

    •    Coco Dive Center, 2E Biet Thu, is a vietnamese owned company, managed by "Seawolf" Jean Pierre, who imported recreational diving to Vietnam some 15 years ago. Very fair prices compared to most other diving facilities in town, services from snorkeling and introductory dives to Assistant instructor course. $38 for one dive (with snorkeling) and $55 for two dives. Their big boat offers a good comfort, even on windy days. English, French, German and Vietnamese fluently spoken.

    •    Jeremy Stein’s Rainbow Divers, is a high-touch, European-owned operation with partially expat staff. A two-dive boat trip costs US$50 (including water and fruit but not lunch), about double the best deals available in town (but much less than what Rainbow charges in other locations.) The operation is well-organized and very professional, catering to divers who aren't comfortable with the more low-key local shops.

    •    Aloha Viet Nam Scuba Diving, 24/4 Hung Vuong, is American owned company, Run by "BIG SHARK" Mark Scott, who is bringing diving with ALOHA to Vietnam. Very fair prices and services from snorkeling and introductory dives to Instructor course. $50 for TWO dives (with certification) and $60 for two Introductory Dives. The Boat has plenty of room for lounging and Never Rushed. American English spoken.

         •    Amigos Divers, Nguyen Thien Thuat, run by Scuba instructor Marcus Feigenbaum, reasonable prices.

         •    Angel Dive, 1/33 Tran Quang Khai, is a mid-priced option for diving in Nha Trang. Expat Run, by a long living citizen of Nha Trang. PADI, SSI, SDI and TDI Certified.,

    •    Octopus Diving, 62 Tran Phu St.,

    •    Scuba Zone, 1/16 Tran Quang Khai,

    •    Turtle Dive, 1/38 Tran Quang Khai,

    •    Vietnam Explorer, 02 Tran Quang Khai,

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It’s a privilege to be able to enter and experience the magical underwater world. However coral reefs around the world are under extreme threat, and if we want to ensure that our kids can enjoy the same wonderful experiences then we need to dive responsibly. Our top tips for responsible diving –

1. Anchors cause serious damage to reefs. Ask your skipper if they will be using a mooring, and about how they ensure the reefs will not be damaged.

2. Make sure that your point of entry to the water is away from fragile corals, it’s all too easy to damage them as you enter.

3. Practice your buoyancy over sand before moving towards corals and reefs. Even the sand kicked up by fin kicks close to corals and vulnerable organisms can damage them.

4. Look don’t touch. Even robust looking corals and polyps can be destroyed by the gentlest touch.

5. Resist the temptation to feed fish and discourage others from doing so. You might affect normal patterns of behaviour and/or encourage aggression.

6. Ask your tour operator for their responsible tourism and diving policy – if they haven’t got one they are probably not taking it seriously. Find responsible dive operators on

7. Poorly treated waste from hotels destroys water quality and corals. Ask your hotel how they manage grey water.

8. Do not buy and gifts or souvenirs that are made from corals, shells or hardwoods. If you witness trade in these items report it to via their science log.

9. Remember that local communities may have used the seas and reefs for their own purposes for generations. Make sure that they are compensated for allowing us to enjoy their heritage by ensuring local communities benefit financially from tourism – think local about hotels, restaurants & where you buy your crafts.



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