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The big travel guides like Lonely Planet or Travel Fish send their "inspectors" from outside once or twice a year at best to Nha Trang to update their information and travel advice. In this very fast changing part of the world some of the information gathered may already be obsolete when it's published. They are also publishing comments and tips from travelers on their websites.

Trip Advisor is another very popular international travel guide worth reading - fed with information, opinions and stories by numerous travelers. Unfortunately, information about hotels, restaurants and bars may not always be reliable as no few owners and their many "highly enthusiastic guests" seem to post numerous fake reviews lauding their place as the most wonderful one and telling readers just how awful their competitors are.

virtualtourist is another travel website which is popular with budget travelers. It belongs to the same owners as Trip Advisor. Its members are mostly backpackers who tell their travel stories, upload a trove of photos worth watching and give unlimited travel tips. Although based on a rather narrow individual experience there is a tendency amongst the members to generalize things and put them out of proportion. Cachaseiro recommends, for example, "NEVER to go around by motorbike taxi as they are well known for robbing tourists, especially at night. The bicycle rickshaws on the other hand, have a reputation for being very honest." Williebobs praises the absolutely perfect "New travel agency in Nha Trang, offering great range of boat trips, city tours, transport tickets (bus and train and plane). Just pop along and speak to the very friendly staff (ask for Vy, she speaks good English!)"… And another virtualtourist member writes under Warnings about a "Mineral Water Scam" as "the street vendor used a plastic bag and did a swop of another cheaper mineral water brand" which her friend "only realized when she was back in the hotel room."

Wikitravel is another very interesting open source information website, wiki-style, that offers information within its self-imposed bureaucratic rules. Wikitravel's policy says, for example, that "it is not an apartment-finder service" and does therefore "not allow rental agency listings". It is, however, a hotel room-finder service as it publishes plenty of hotels. Thus, the correct Wikitraveler always stays in a hotel but never in a condo, a serviced apartment or a house... Here again, information has to be taken with a grain of salt (pun intended) as business owners may post their self-portrayals under fake identities and the "information" given therein may be totally biased.

Then you have a host of bloggers which post their information, tips and travel stories from a very, very personal perspective which makes them so fascinating and entertaining to read. Perhaps the most active and the most outspoken blogger is Owee, a Canadian who decided to retire in Nha Trang. He is not only retired, but also a busy traveler in and outside Vietnam, he runs the 1-star Tide hotel on the outskirts of Nha Trang offering boat tours, motorcycle rental and scuba diving tours as well, he is also a family man married to a Vietnamese lady and a blogger on and he is posting comments on many other blogs and websites, too. On the Trip Advisor's popularity index his hotel made it to rank No. 7 of the 76 listed hotels in Nha Trang.

You may also post your information, travel stories and comments here. Unlike other websites, we can and usually do check the veracity of the post immediately and on the spot...


Fake Reviews On Travel Forums? Read this interview with the owner of a restaurant in Nha Trang.

Boat races
International boat races starting in Hong Kong include stopovers for the racing teams in Nha Trang. We will keep you posted under “News” on international and locally organized boat races. ...

Book shops
Foreign language books (mainly second-hand) can be found here: Cam Ranh Airport and at Shorty’s Café Bar (see “Drink”) Phuong Nam Book Shop, 62A Thai Nguyen St. is ...

Business & investment
"With all its favorable natural conditions, an abundant working force, and available material bases, Khánh Hòa has been creating new opportunities and working out new and open policies ...

For contact by phone click here. Apart from hotels, calls can also be made from a post office or you can skype through internet at a hotel or at an internet café. Vietnam's dialing code ...

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