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Diamonds are a travelling Girl's best Friend. What made diamonds so popular, including with tourists in Nha Trang?

Passengers travelling in luxury liners to Nha Trang buying valuable gems made in Vietnam

Exclusive interview with Ludo Drijbooms, owner and managing director of Discovery Diamonds and the Three Trees Fine Jewellery brand, which is a large and distinguished diamond and jewelry manufacturer in Vietnam. His Hanoi-based company gained an outstanding reputation for its artistic excellence and technical perfection.

Ludo Drijbooms, entrepreneur (here shown at his upmarket furniture factory)

Question: It was Marilyn Monroe who made this gem with the song "Diamonds are a Girl's best friends" in the 1953 film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" world famous. Nowadays, more than US$72 billion worth of diamonds are sold globally each year. What made diamonds so immensely popular?

Ludo Drijbooms: Diamond is derived from the Greek word adamas which means unconquerable. It’s the hardest material known to us and the only gem made of solely one substance. Magical and mysterious powers have been attributed to these valuable gems throughout history and they continue to fascinate and intrigue, in particular, women and girls.

Question: The world's largest cruise liners bring tens of thousands of tourists to Nha Trang every year. The passengers must have ample time on these luxury ships for shopping and are most probably not short of cash. Do jewelries and diamonds belong to their favorite shopping items?

Ludo Drijbooms: Passengers on cruise ships have a taste for good style and appreciate jewelry with diamonds that is sophisticated and eye-catching. Therefore jewelry and gemstones are in high demand there. With more and more affluent tourists from China and elsewhere visiting Nha Trang and other cities in Vietnam by cruise ships and other means of transportation, I am very confident that many more pleased customers will "make friends" with diamonds in future.

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