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Water sports and fun

You can try windsurfing, sea kayaking, wakeboarding and sailing lessons at Nha Trang beach/sea.

While Nha Trang is a great place to spend a lazy holiday, you may find that after all that delicious food you feel like getting slightly more active.

Fortunately the watersports scene in Nha Trang is growing rapidly, with more and more options availible for those who fancy a bit of excitement on their beach breaks.

As well as scuba diving, for which Nha Trang has an excellent reputation as the most popular dive site in Vietnam, there are many other sports availible.

In the winter months (particularly October - February), sports like surfing and body boarding are best - the rougher seas mean poor visibility for diving but do mean some surf in this otherwise sheltered bay.

When the weather's fine there's a much bigger range of sports on offer, including:

•    Wakeboarding
•    Windsurfing
•    Catamaran Sailing
•    Kite Surfing
•    Laser Dinghy Sailing and
•    Kayaking

If that all seems a bit too much like hard work, you could opt for a sail on a yacht around the islands. The sailing is taken care of for you by a competent skipper, and boats can be charted for up to a week.

Contact the Sailing Club, 72 - 74 Tran Phu St., for more information.

All equipment will be provided.
For those who have yet to try parasailing, this is the place to try. 

It is a special parachute with winglike extensions that will lift the person in its harness up and through the air when towed by a speedboat. 

All equipment will be provided

Jet-skiing at Nha Trang sea
If you have tried the scooter on land, why not try it on water! You will love it! 

All equipment will be provided

You can either scuba dive or snorkel here by booking a full or half day outing with one of the dive shops in Nha Trang. 

A full day outing including boat transport, 2 or 3 dives and lunch typically cost between US$35 and US$90. Most dive operators also offer a range of dive courses, including a 'discover diving' programme for uncertified, first-time divers to experience the thrill under the supervision of a qualified dive master.

 It is difficult to recommend one dive operator over another: shop around, speak to a few different operators and use your better judgement. You do not need to bring any dive gears here becuase they are all inclusive in the dive package. The only difference is you pay US$5 less if you bring all your dive equipment. If you prefer using your own gear, just bring your dive mask and snorkel will do.

 Do bring sunblock or sunscreen if you do not wish to be burned. Of course, suntan lotion or oil if you want to have a good tan.

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