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Swimming pools

roller skating

Naturally, people come here to swim in the sea but there are also a number of swimming pools around.

Louisiane Brewhouse has a good one and free to use but costs 25,000 dong to hire a soft sun-lounger.

High-end hotels have, of course, all beautiful swimming pools. A number of mid-range hotels also have pools some of which can be used by non-guests. Sea and Sun Hotel has a nice rooftop pool and costs 70,000 dong for non-guests.

There is also an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool in Nha Trang, 77 Da Tuong St. that is hardly used by the public but mainly by scuba diving companies for training purposes. It costs only 15,000 dong. Its a fair distance away from the main tourist area on the south side of the city. On the same compound there is a tennis court and an in-door roller skating hall where you can rent roller skates. 

More on swimming pools shortly.

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