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Hotels: High End

These top properties offer amazing facilities to relax in and offer the best service imaginable to make sure you feel at home. The extra money amounts to a status of royalty to the employees as they provide the best service possible to make sure you approve of their hotel.

The Sheraton is a 5 star luxury hotel located right across from the beach. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and a very well done spa. The Sheraton has different types of rooms from deluxe rooms to presidential suites and apartments. The hotel is very well run and spotlessly clean and the air conditioning keeps the entire hotel very fresh. The staff at The Sheraton speak very good English making it easy to deal with the staff and explain what your needs are. The hotel also has a meeting room and vip section with an incredible view of the ocean. In terms of dining the Sheraton also offers 5 star food, with a range of different style restaurants, bars and a bakery all under one roof. $180-$1000

Six Senses Hideaway. The only way to get to this resort is by speed boat to Ninh Van Bay. Price ranges from $405 to 1,255 per night. This is more of a private resort, suitable for whoever wants to get away from everything to spend time relaxing. This resort lurks itself between the rocks and mountains and oversees the white sand beach. Dining is fabulous in the open air where you can feel the light breeze. While taking your time to have a lovely dinner, the sun will slowly set, giving you a miraculous view of Nha Trang at night. To make this resort even more secluded, they have added their own private beach located two bays over. So, if you would want more privacy, this is the beach to rent. The downside is you can only rent this for a day, but it will be worth it.

Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses Spa, Tran Phu Blvd. If you don’t mind the price, this is the spot to go all out and get the once in a lifetime royal treatment. It has been known to be one of the finest resorts in the region. One of the finest in all aspects from the setting of the place to the hospitality to the food and to the people. Available fine-dining restaurants where the food can live up to the highest expectations.Price ranges from US$210-450 per night.

Yasaka Saigon-NhaTrang Hotel, 18 Tran Phu St. This hotel is a Japanese and Vietnamese style hotel. Service here is very friendly, and it has all the amenities you would need. What is good about this hotel is that it is just walking distance to the beach. Price ranges from US$100-355 per night.

Sunrise Beach Resort Nha Trang, 12 Tran Phu St. This resort is all polished marble and white columns with 10 floors. It has a great view of the ocean as well as the sky from its glass rooftop. Price ranges from US$140-500 per night.

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang Diamond Bay, Song Lo. This extremely spaciously laid out resort hosted the 2008 Miss Universe pageant. Hotel rooms, suites and villas. Enormous pool (non chlorinated) spa, fitness, several restaurants & bars, tennis courts, night clubs, expatriate exec. chef and expatriate GM. Two private beaches. Prices range from $125-600 per night.

Vinpearl resort is on an island in the Nha Trang bay. You can get too and from the island by cable car. It is a 5 star hotel with the biggest pool in Vietnam. If you stay here, you can have unlimited access to the water park and enjoy numerous amenities. Learn more

Novotel, 50 Tran Phu (in the central tourist location). Four star hotel with very good service and great value rooms. The rooms in Novotel are not far off what you will see in a five star hotel, the room sare very well decorated and some have incredible views of the City and the ocean. $110-$400


Hotels: medium-range
King Town Hotel, 92 Hung Vuong St. Tel. 058.55255818. Email: Website A very well run hotel, good english speaking staff and a swimming pool ...

Hotels: budget
Golden Sand Guest House, 79/5 Hung Vuong St., Nha Trang. Tel. 094 4455 898. Email: A delightfull little guest house located in the centre of the tourist area, hidden down ...

Apartments and houses
Apartments, more comfortable than a hotel room, but less expensive. With the rising demand for an alternative to hotels, apartment & house rental services have come up in recent years. Several ...

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