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Hotels: medium-range

King Town Hotel, 92 Hung Vuong St. Tel. 058.55255818. Email: Website A very well run hotel, good english speaking staff and a swimming pool on the roof, very close to the beach, very clean and well run - a good choice.

In the hotel's words: "King Town Hotel is located in a favourable location, near the city centre, just only one minute of walking to the seaside, next to the commercial and entertainment centre. You will be pleased with out international standard, modern facilities and our hospitable staff."

101 Star Hotel,1B Quan Tran Hung Vuong, Nha Trang City. Tel. (+84.58)3528101. Email: Website A forward thinking hotel, always looking to improve the hotel and increase customer satisfaction. The hotel is nice and spacious and has a very well served buffet breakfast in a nice cafe next door to the hotel. Good prices that include the beakfast buffet. $20 - $30 per night.

In the hotel's words: "Fantastic hotel, non smoking, very clean and excellent customer service, and pay less! Convieniently located right in the centre of the city. In the heart of the foreign part of the city where all the good restaurants, bars and shops are located. Right by the beach, this hotel has a wonerful cafe and a delicious breakfast buffet. Coming soon we will have an Arab spa!"

La Suisee Hotel, 34 Tran Quang Khai Street. Tel (..8458) 3524353/3524363. Email: Website: A nice hotel right in the heart of the centre, good value for the size of the rooms and the service, the hotel is a 2 star but has 3 star credentials. $27 - $40 per night.

In the hotel's words: "Welcome to our cozy hotel right in the tourist area of Nha Trang! We have 30 rooms available, all very comfortable and air conditioned. You will find very friendly service, and excellent standards of cleanliness. We have 24 hour free WI-FI, a tasty breakfast and a tour desk at reception."

AP Hotel, 34/5 Nguyen Thien Thuat, A tidy hotel located along the main strip, next door to a spa and the guava bar, the vip rooms are fantastic, a lot of space is given, accompanied by a beautiful view. All rooms come with a bathtub which is quite rare in Nha Trang. $20-$40

Nha Trang Lodge Hotel 40 Tran Phu Street. A very nice four star hotel right oposite the beach. The level of English spoken is not fantastic but the staff will always do their best to help. The rooms are fairly spacious and are all en suite. The hotel also has an amazing view of the ocean, the same as you get at the five star hotels on the strip, but for a lot cheaper A great bargain is the apartments, they have two bedrooms and a kitchen for $200 per night. $50-$200

Starlet Hotel 32-34 Tue Tinh Street. The starlet hotel is very good value for money. It is well decorated and very modern and also has gym facilities and a swimming pool available for guests. The price is includes a better than average breakfast buffet. $30-$50

Que Huong Hotel 60 Tran Phu.A very large hotel within the walking distance of the beach. There is a nice restaurant accompanied with a pool hall and some disco. Great amenities offered as well as the services. Price ranges from $55-$105.

Hoang Hai (Golden Sea) Hotel 27A Hung Vuong. A very well run hotel with good english spoken and a true desire to please customers. The rooms are very nicely decorated and the rooms are very vibrant. $15-$30

Green Peace Hotel 102 Nguyen Thien Thuat. A hotel that gives good value for money located right in the tourist area. The hotel has had a alot of problems with customer service and organization issues, for example bookings going missing and customers being treated rudely after arriving early in the morning from the night bus. $20-$45

Sea And Sun Hotel 2 Tran Quang Khai Street. Good value for money and great ocean views. A very large hotel right by the beach, it has a very nice outdoor swimming pool. $40-$90

Vien Dong Hotel 1 Tran Hung Dao St. .Well-known and affordable, with all the basic amenities needed plus some live entertainment at night. Price ranges from US$35-45.


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Golden Sand Guest House, 79/5 Hung Vuong St., Nha Trang. Tel. 094 4455 898. Email: A delightfull little guest house located in the centre of the tourist area, hidden down ...

Apartments and houses
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