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Shops, boutiques & supermarkets

Metro Supermarket and Cash & Carry, Vinh Trung Commune, Nha Trang, launched in February 2012

The new store, open to the public and to local businesses, has a selling space of around 5,000 square meters. It offers 25,000 food and non-food items that are 95 percent locally produced and tailor-made for businesses in Khanh Hoa Province and surrounding markets in the south-central region, the German Metro company said in a statement. Metro Nha Trang invested US$13 million and provides direct employment to 400 people from the local community, the company added.

Maximark Supermarket (shopping mall)

60 Thai Nguyen St. This is a new large western style supermarket that's located near to the train station. Opened early 2010, it covers 4,000m2 in area, in a four-story building. The supermarket itself is on the 1st floor (see photo below). There is a food court on the 4th floor that includes a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Sakura and a Jollibee fastfood restaurant. There is also an arcade games area on the 4th floor, 2,000 dong per tolken

There is also a smaller Maximark supermarket at 66 Quang Trung St. (photo below)

There is also a Maximark supermarket in neighbouring Cam Ranh (where the airport is) at 89 Hung Vuong St.

Nha Trang Central - a new large shopping mall (open since May 2011)

20, Tran Phu St. The 4-floor mall has a super market and sells in its retail area international and local designer fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, perfume, sportswear and children's wear. A food court and cinema and entertainment area was also set up. The developers said that the centre has as high standards as the classy Diamond Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City, but rent for retailers is only one third or one fourth.

Apart from the mall that opened its doors already, the 25-floor, two-block centre (see photo) will be home to a five-star, 288-room hotel and 122 luxury apartments which will open later. Two more floors are for offices. 

A Mart

There are a couple of well stocked modern mini-supermarkets in the main tourist area called A Mart. These are very much aimed at the tourist market and few locals will be seen shopping here. Cheaper prices for drinks, food and toiletry items will be obtainable from the more traditional family run small stores, especially so if you tell them what the supermarket price is and challenge them to offer you a lower price.

Tashunco, 17A Biet Thu St. Open 7AM-10PM. This is a mini Western market where tourists can buy products like chips, cheese, soda, etc.

Bamboo, 15 Biet Thu St. Open 8AM-9:30PM. This is a popular T-shirt shop in the area. Lots of tourists visit this shop to get T-shirts.

Saga du Mekong, 1/21 Tran Quang Khai St. The former French owner of Bamboo set up the most stylish fashion boutique in town (see picture).

Shop Herman, 142 Ngo Gia Tu (Next to small market). Modern Fashion for bargain prices. Clothes from back home at half the cost

Groove Shack, 89A Nguyen Thien Thuat St. Open daily 8AM-10PM. This is the place to update your MP3 player, very good service and prices.

TinPhú Computer shop, 03 Lý Tự Trọng - Nha Trang, Computer shop and designed beautiful website, logo, flash, banner ...

Anchor skateboard /surf shop, 37 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai provides skate/surf high quality brand name products. Free surf/skate tours.

In the supermarkets you cannot bargain with the vendors but in shops you can.

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Souvenirs and gifts to bring home
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There are some good tailors in Nha Trang which make suits and dresses within few days at comparatively low prices (and at better prices than in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City). We will list the addresses ...

War souvenirs
Some shops sell Viet Cong headgear, Ho Chi Minh T-shirts and other souvenirs. We will list addresses here shortly. There are also street vendors selling these items as well.

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