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You have a choice of three different waterfalls in a very beautiful setting at three different locations outside Nha Trang

These are the three waterfalls:

Ba Ho ("Three Lakes"), about 25 km from Nha Trang, where you can rock climb to the pools, which is feasible for a healthy person.

Yang Bay ("Waterfall of the Heaven") waterfall, 40 km from Nha Trang, a great place to picnic with small lakes offering a cool bath.

Suo Tien ("Fairies' Stream"), 30 km from Nha Trang. The water flows created small lakes where visitors can swim.

The Ba Ho ("Three Lakes") waterfalls near Ba Ho Village originates from the top of Hon Son mountain, flowing all the way down through mountains and forests. After a short walk along the stream you reach the first lake of about 150m2 with rocks of various sizes and colours. After another 1000 meters which is somewhat demanding the second, more narrow and "quiet" lake is reached. The third lake is a few hundred meters away and to get there one has to use a way covered with bushes. Here, the extraordinary vegetation strikes the visitor's eye. To get there from Nha Trang one follows National Route 1A for 19 km, then 2 km of forest lane after turning left.

The Yang Bay waterfall ("Waterfall of the Heaven")  is a grandiose fall 100 m above sea level embedded in a scenic mountainous area with dense forests and two small lakes offering a cool bath. Wooden bridges, stone-made steps, small caves are part of the environment. In the resistance wars, the small caves were used as a shelter for the revolutionary soldiers. You may bring your own food and drinks along or eat at the nearby-restaurant.
Yang Bay is located about 40 km west of Nha Trang and can be reached via Highway 26A (to Dalat) which goes through the 17th century citadel of Dien Khahn. Eventually one heads more southwards into more hillier terrain, with hills covered by cassava and sugarcane. After crossing over a higher hill one arrives at Yang Bay with it’s wide tree lined roads.

A golf cart brings you up 300m to a place closer to the falls. Here’s a restaurant and a number of outlets. On the other bank of the river is a smaller waterfall called Yang Khang.

Suo Tien ("Fairies' Stream") is a stream that flows all year round. Layers of colourful stones of various shapes and sizes and the lush and tranquil environment strike the visitors. The stream also invites for a bath under the blazing sun.

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Waterland is 20 km from Nha Trang. More information will be added soon. Here some pictures:      

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